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On behalf of Biggin Scott Bayside inc. Est8 agent Property Group, welcome and thank you for considering us to manage your property investment portfolio. It is our goal at Biggin Scott Bayside inc. Est8 agent Property Group to make the process of leasing and managing property easy, comfortable and uncomplicated as possible.

About Biggin Scott Bayside inc. Est8 agent Property Group

When Con Nicolis established Biggin Scott Bayside inc. Est8 agent Property Group, he set out to create and agency that was different than the standard cookie cutter traditional agency. As the director and owner of past successful real estate businesses, he decided to rewind and steer away from the traditional corporate model where clients simply became numbers instead of valued paying clients and customers who seek to be involved, communicated and heard. It generally lacked the attention to detail of providing a service level that is personal and a relationship that is built on confidence, trust and loyalty.

The Biggin Scott Bayside inc. Est8 agent Property Group business model is simple, client services and relationships which are built on experienced, personalised and boutique professional service clients look for in their chosen management company. An understanding of the investment strategy and the needs of our clients. The foundation of our culture is to build clients and friendships for life.

Biggin Scott Bayside inc. Est8 agent Property Group

Our Mission

"To provide a highest level of personalised property management services based on the highest values and client care. In doing so, we will earn the loyalty and trust of our clients and custom because we always place their interest instead of ours. We are responsible to our clients to assist them in working towards their goals in all things relating to property."


Biggin Scott Bayside inc. Biggin Scott Bayside inc. Est8 agent Property Group Property Management Service

'When selecting an agent to manage your investment property portfolio it is crucial to hire the right people for the job'.

Most of the time property management service is usually a reactive service by junior staff within a company. We believe the difference between the right path and the wrong path is simply a pro-active approach and guiding our clients through the minefields of property management which in turn will save time, stress and money in the informed decisions you are advised and assisted to make. Our experience comes from many years of guiding several families and generations of families in their property investments and managing properties through several multiple sale and rental transactions. We are investors and homeowners ourselves so we understand property and the investment.

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Biggin Scott Bayside inc. Est8 agent Property Group

Promotion of your Property

'Marketing makes the difference. Regardless of constantly variable market conditions, the manner in which rental properties are promoted to their audience makes a difference to the speed at which they are tenanted. Many agents apply one standard to the marketing of their home for sale, yet another to rental properties. We take equal care to both'.


Our Objective

'Our ultimate goal is to locate the most suitable tenant for your property in the shortest amount of time and to achieve the best possible rental price based on researched comparisons and market conditions'.

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Marketing your Property and Presenting the Property

Your property’s presentation is paramount, we will make recommendations about the small things you can do to improve the appearance and maximise your returns. We present your property professionally from the way it is advertised to the property itself. We reach a wide market with priority placement for all listings on leading websites which receive thousands of enquiries nationally and internationally and are linked to our website as well as social media. We highly recommend placement of a ‘For Lease’ board on most properties as it acts as a 24hr sales person marketing your property and its availability for lease.

We have an active approach to leasing.

We carefully manage the inspection process with all agent guided inspections either by strict appointments any day of the week in addition to open home viewings.

We have co-operative relationships with corporate relocation agents who work with major Australian and worldwide companies and executives.

We have a quick, streamlined, yet thorough and stringent three step application screening process. We consider selecting quality tenants to be one of the most important duties.

We make the decisions together based on our research, experience and recommendations or if you prefer, give you the final say by presenting you with all the information, research, and recommendations.

This screening process consists of:

1. Verbal and written reference checking of current and past employment. Confirmation all rental history which demonstrates the tenant’s rental payments, tenant conduct of tenancy and maintaining the property during the tenancy and end of the tenancy.

2. Credit referencing agency

3. The agents experience and the time spent with all prospective tenants, reading the play and self assuring ourselves as the agents that they meet all satisfactory criteria in order to give us the confidence for recommendation to our landlords.


Approval of Tenancy

Once the tenant has been interviewed and approved we will arrange for the preparation and signing of all lease documentation including our set of “additional Terms (special conditions) which we input into all our Agreements. This ensures that your interests as a landlord are well protected. The bond and initial first month’s rent in advance are collected, the rental bond is lodged with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority on your behalf. We incorporate any specific instructions you may have. Your tenants are advised of their obligations and most importantly we outline our expectations concerning their conduct. Before your property is rented, we’ll complete a thorough Property Condition Report that incorporates photographic records. The inspection exhaustively records the presentation of your property before the tenant moves in.

On the commencement date of the lease the keys are released to the tenant. They are informed of ‘Est8 agent’s’ contact details as well as additional services offered such as complimentary utility connection services ‘Your Porter’.


Timely Payments

Reliable rental payments are crucial. Our systems enable instantaneous monitoring of your tenants payments. In line with our company policy, we are committed to ZERO tolerance arrears and to communicate regularly with our clients should an occurrence like this arise.


Maintenance and Repairs

Early response to maintenance is key to good tenant relations as well ensuring your property always stands in good repair. We use qualified, reliable, competitive and licensed contractors assuring peace of mind and a worry free property investment experience. We will coordinate any maintenance required on your property. The tradespeople we use also understand our expectations when it comes to representing us and our clients. We expect the very best of customer service and communication whether they are dealing with the owner or the tenant. Of course, our clients have the flexibility to use or nominate their own tradespeople. Urgent repairs would be at our discretion and in keeping with the strict requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act. In all cases we will always act in your best interest as our client and we will always attempt to contact you at the first instance.

All maintenance and repairs are always qualified and checked to ensure it is ‘fair wear and tear’ rather than carelessness or neglect by the tenant.

If required we will pay your Rates and Body corporate fees on your behalf and detail the invoice/receipts to your monthly statements.


Regular Property Inspections

Our management services include six monthly inspections and reporting of your property to confirm its condition and compliance with the terms of the tenancy. We conduct an additional early check of the new tenancy just after three months, to provide additional certainty. We report to you with photographs, recommendations for recording purposes and for improvements that could assist in providing a comprehensive rent review when due.


Insurance - Protecting Yourself as a Landlord

We regard insurance on managed investment properties imperative and it is our policy not to manage a property without a comprehensive insurance policy being in place. Landlord Insurance products are designed to cover you in the event of adversity.

Even the best tenants can unexpected circumstances, from job redundancy to accidental damage. Landlords insurance is specifically designed to protect both your income stream and your property beyond your building policy. Residential Building insurance policies simply cover the property owner against the building and public liability interests. Landlords Protection insurance policies covers a landlord against a defaulting tenant or tenancy in general for loss of rent, public liability, accidental or malicious damage caused by the tenants or their visitors. We can also assist in offering tenants contents insurance should they request it.


Breach Notices

We will issue Breach of Duty notices when necessary to ensure that the tenant adheres to legislative requirements and Body Corporate rules during the term of tenancy.


VCAT, Applications and Attendance

We will execute all applications to the Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal within the legislative guidelines and represent you professionally at all tenancy tribunal hearings. We will present all cases and evidence in support of your case and work to achieve the best positive outcome possible.


Statements and Payments

Each month upon receipt and clearance of your tenants rental payments, we will forward you a monthly rental statement illustrating your rental income received and payments made on your behalf, depositing the balance into your nominated account.


Smoke Detectors, Gas & Electrical Inspection and Compliance

We can provide you with options to engage a professional company to undertake the below legal requirements in order to minimise risk to the tenant and liability to the landlord.

Annual Smoke Alarm servicing

Bi-annual Gas Appliance Inspection and Service

Bi-annual Electrical Appliance & Wiring Inspection and Testing


Tenancy Renewals

We will monitor all fixed term leases as they enter 90 days prior to expiry. At this point we will get an understanding of the tenant’s position as to whether they will be vacating the property within 28 days prior notice to vacate or an agreement for a further successful renewal of lease agreement.


Vacating Tenancies

A tenant vacating the property must provide a notice to vacate, this notice must be in writing to the lessors agent 28 days prior notice to vacating the property at the expiry of the lease or at any time after the lease expires (this being a periodic term tenancy). Please be aware that in very limited cases without prior notice, a tenant can vacate on the exact expiry date of the lease. Once notice has been received by the tenant, we will confirm receipt of the notice with the tenant and simultaneously we will contact you immediately in writing of your instructions to re lease the property. We will discuss with you the condition of the property and should any works be required prior to re leasing.


Vacating Tenancies and Rent Reviews

We conduct reviews of rent in an authoritative manner with regards to market research and conditions, local trends, tenant demand, stock level at the time and the investor’s interests.


Complying with the Law

Legislation compliance is paramount. Our systems are designed to ensure that every aspect of managing your property complies with all relevant laws including those for smoke alarms, pools, gas appliance servicing, window blinds and water conservation.

'We actively monitor tenancy demand, vacancy rates and property trends to ensuring your rent is always in alignment with the market'.


Vacating Inspections and Exit Condition Reports

We will conduct an outgoing tenancy inspection that has regard to the tenants’ rights and obligations. We will mitigate our client’s losses by reflecting on the photography and report prepared at the ingoing condition report allowing for ‘fair wear and tear’.

Presentation of Your Investment Property

Anyone can sell a house. It might sound strange coming from a real estate agency, but it’s true. An agent can suggest the highest price and the lowest fee, then cross their fingers.

At Biggin Scott Bayside inc. Est8 agent Property Group, we don’t believe that our job is to just sell your property. Like we said, that’s relatively simple. We see our role as delivering a premium price that would otherwise be unobtainable. We want our service to be so superlative, it justifies a lifelong relationship with you.


Preparing for Inspections

First impressions are the most important. They will help determine the rent a tenant is prepared to pay and the type of tenant who is willing to lease the property. These tips below could make the difference.

• Paintwork must present well
• Floor coverings should be in good condition
• Window covering must present well and allow adequate privacy
• Kitchen and bathroom facilities and appliances must be in clean and good working order.
• All rooms should be neat and tidy
• The property should odour free
• If furnished, keep rooms uncluttered as excess furniture will make a room look small
• All external yards and gardens should be neat & tidy and free from debris.


Preparing for your Tenant

A property provided to a tenant in good condition will assist in ensuring that it is left in a similar order at the end of a tenancy. This can also establish a standard of care and cleanliness during a tenancy.

• All room fittings and appliances should be in good condition, carpets should be professionally cleaned.
• Check all smoke detectors are in working order, replace batteries.
• Prepare inventory of furniture items remaining at the property and hand this to your property manager as excess furniture will make the room look smaller.

You may like to consider the installation of the following items (if not already in place).

• Exhaust fan above the stove in the kitchen and above the shower recess in the bathroom, bathrooms.
• Door stops behind all doors
• Door deadlocks and window locks
• Second smoke detector or smoke detector at all levels of the home.

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Rental appraisals on properties for sale at Biggin Scott Bayside inc. Est8 agent Property Group are undertaken by our professional management team. These are genuine, reliable appraisals because the same people who conduct the appraisal will also look after the lease and the management of your property following purchase.


Building your Portfolio

Across the entire agency, Biggin Scott Bayside inc. Est8 agent Property Group works as one team. Together we ensure our clients receive the very best advice on all their property transactions.

Even if you do not intend to sell you should always know your potential value of your investments. Our sales team can provide every investor with an annual property appraisal so that you can keep in touch with the market and act when trends best suit your intentions.

If you are looking to add a new property to our portfolio, our sales team can help you source a property to suit your requirements. Conversely, every property sold by Biggin Scott Bayside inc. Est8 agent Property Group is appraised first hand for its rental potential by our property management team.

(If you require a bank valuation or the advice of a financial planner or mortgage broker we can help with that too).

'Keeping abreast of the valuation of your property portfolio is essential to ensure you are always ready and able to use your equity to your advantage, refinance when necessary, or sell as soon as the market is favourable'.


Our Strategy

Our strategy is simple; we strive to deliver a superior service focused on honest advice, tailored strategies and consistent feedback and communication.

In essence, we are a boutique agency, our commitment, passion and unrivalled market knowledge have rewarded us with low vacancy rates for the properties that we have been entrusted with to manage. Our team of dedicated property professionals maintain strong long term relationships that are based on integrity, reputable efficiency. Our experience and insight allow us to maximise your return on your investment and exposure to the right audience. We believe we are a productive business partnership with each and every one of our clients and the directors of Biggin Scott Bayside inc. Est8 agent Property Group hold the same ethos and values of our employees.

'We know property intimately and we will walk beside you through the complete process from leasing to managing your investment property, offering you the very best advice at every step along the way'.

We appreciate the decision you have to make in choosing the most suitable marketing, leasing and Property Management company that suits your management style requirements.

We thank you for the opportunity in considering Biggin Scott Bayside inc. Est8 agent Property Group Property Management.

Should we be appointed, we would welcome the opportunity with excitement and drive. We would be ready to go to work for you immediately.

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